Project: Logo Editing, Banner and Business Card Design
Client: Roots Farm

Process: Kelli and Mike already had a great hand-drawn logo featuring a happy waving carrot that they loved. We digitized it so it could be used for different applications and used it to create a one of a kind business card and banner for their farm.


Project: Logo Design Concept
Client: Sage and Sea Apothecary

Process: Kendalyn Banks, Soul Proprietor of Sage and Sea Apothecary was looking for a logo for her new, all-natural body care line. Sacred sage and the sea are important elements so she requested they be incorporated into the design.

Client Testimonial: “I whole-heartedly enjoyed working with Caitlin to create a logo for my business! Through communicating with me directly and referring to my online vision board she was able to interpret exactly what I was looking for and help bring it to life. My dreams of having a logo that suits both my personality and style while also appealing to the customer base I’m looking to attract are now met and I couldn’t be happier to get my business off the ground. I am so grateful for her knowledge, expertise, and unmatched eye for aesthetically pleasing designs to help me create a logo for my brand that I am in love with; it was truly a wonderful experience!”


Project: Logo Design Concept and Business Card
Client: Sean O’Connor Coaching

Process: Sean O’Connor was looking for a logo design that tells the story of his unique life coaching practice. Sean is a geography nut and loves to travel so we incorporated a compass into his design. The compass is also a nod to Sean’s exceptional coaching guidance.

Client Testimonial: “Caitlin and Jeff worked magic on my business branding and website design. I appreciated how Caitlin took the time to really get what I am about and what my business represents, and to come up with an amazing design to reflect that. I wasn’t sure how to translate this into a logo and a design, but with Jeff and Caitlin’s help, I now have a brand and website that really reflects my business values and my vision.”

Project: Logo Design Concept for Personal Blog
Client:  Our Natural Heritage

Process: Caitlin writes a personal blog about sustainability and travel, called Our Natural Heritage. We have developed several logos and branding marks for the blog throughout the years.